Background Information

Name of Business:
Business Address:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:

Who is the correct contact in your organization for:
General Information:
Financial Information:
Marketing Information:

Nature of the Business

Product/Service Description:
Year Business Founded:
Number of Employees: Full-Time
Independant Contractors
Total Employees
Describe any trends which are affecting your business
(economic, demographic, industry):
Do you have a written business/marketing plan? Yes       No

Marketing Issues

Products / Services
What primary customer needs does your product satisfy?
How is your product or service unique in the marketplace?
What are your competitive strengths and weaknesses?
Are any of the products you produce covered by patents? Yes       No       Not Applicable
How would you describe your brand presentation and/or corporate image? What values do you portray, image do you present and so on? Are there changes you would like to make?

Who is responsible for sales functions for you company? (Check all that you use) Owner(s)
In-House Staff
Independent Sales Representatives
Telemkareting Staff

What approximate percentage of your sales (by dollars or units) are in the following geographic markets?

% Local
% Provincial/State
% National
% International

Have the above percentages changed significantly in recent years?

What approximate percentage of sales revenue does each product line (if you have more than one product line) contribute to total sales? What were the percentages a year ago:

Current Year

Product Line Name

What different industries/customer segments do you currently serve? What are the demographics of those segments (age, occupation, gender, income, location etc.)?

What are your sales by key industry/customer segment? What were the percentages a year ago:

Current Year

Key Industry/Customer Segment
Describe what key factors influence your customers' purchase decision (price, quality, service, etc.)?
Who is involved in the purchase decision?
What is the lead time for making a sale?
Do you collect customer satisfaction information? If yes, what are the general results?
How do you get your sales leads?

Who are the key competitors in the market for your type of product? Please list the complete name and location, and if you believe they are gaining or losing market share:


What advantages and/or weakness do you perceive in your competitors? Are there aspects you would like to emulate, differentiate or focus on?

Promotional Methods
What promotional methods do you use?
Outside/independent sales force
Direct Mail
Magazine ads (trade or consumer)
Newspaper advertising
Industry trade shows
Association memberships
Inside Sales Force
Customer Service Staff
Yellow Pages
Product Directories

Market Research
Do you conduct or collect any market research? Yes       No
If yes, how do you gather this information?
How do your prices compare to your competition?

Strengths and Weaknesses
Please indicate whether each of the following areas is a strength. a neutral area, or a weakness in your company. Add your comments.

Sales volume
Sales growth
Cost controls
Pricing policies & methods
Quality control
New market forecasting
Evaluating new product designs
Marketing strategies
Competitive advantage
Market research
Sales methods and skills
Finding new customers
Keeping old customers
Formal customer feedback
Using wholesalers/retailers




Marketing Goal
How do you rate your current marketing plan/efforts and why?
Please identify your primary marketing need or goal for this project.
What is your approximate overall marketing budget and any comments you have with regards to your budget?

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Sundial Portfolio
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